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Got a lot of randumb old doodley nonsense, etc. from (DE)


[AD]'s Magical Site Of Wonderment!

Simply Scrumtrulescent!


(DE)'s YouTube Channel

Featuring (DE)s "movies" and local Atlanta bands.


[AD]'s Tumblar

*tumble tumble*


Perry Bible Fellowship

(DE)'s favorite web-comic (BESIDES OUR OWN LULZ)

It is brilliant, has fantastic art, and is the leading cause of making me not even want to try any more.


Gun Show

Almost didn't add this, because the Awesome level is off the charts.

Everything from the Art, to the Humor, is spot on and wonderful.


Mechafetus Visublog

Why are you still here reading an explination? YOU CLICK NOW!



Great Art style, and sense of humor!

Also has been going on for YEARS, so there is much to occupy your time with!


Three Word Phrase

Read this - And you will instantly know why it's here.


Dr. Cat M.D.

This comic is simply amazing. 

Wish we had created it.


Hark! A Vagrant!

One of [AD]s favorites!



Octopus Pie

Fantastic Art, and Always good for teh Larffs!


Pictures For Sad Children

The name says it all.




She wins the internets.



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