Have You Seen Our Children?:



Imaginary demon BFF.

Likes Booze.


This poor sap got Ghoul'd by his friends on April Ghouls Day.

He now wonders his suburb aimlessly. (He also did this before becoming a zombie.)


Ari has many moods: Angry, Angrier, Angriest, Sleep.

She feeds her BFF, Señor Fun, cerveza.


Spirit Animal to those whose middle initial is: J.


Comes from yer butt.


Watches over his bear youngins.

Also loves to party with Mr. Poopie.


Attacks in the Night.

Cute. Deadly. Must defeat with Headshot.


Served in 'Nam, and Grenada.

Holds a Degree in Jewish Studies.


Do Not Trust.


Ruler of Anxiety for mankind at a subconscious level.

Also: OBEY!


Likes Trampolines & Low-cut Tops.

Loved by ALL!!!


Your favorite web-comic's TRUE FORM.

Likes Hugs and Giggles.




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